• Current undergraduate degree-seeking student
  • 2.75 GPA or higher
  • Must be taking enough credits to remain a full-time student (12 credits/semester or 6 credits in summer)
  • Must have begun a study abroad application in our system
  • Must be studying on an in-person (not virtual) program
  • Students must study on a program at least 3 months in length (Fall/Spring) or 26 days in length (Summer)
    *If you are studying on a UF Sponsored program that is less than 26 days OR less than 6 credits, you will be considered for the Short-Term Scholarships.
Spring 2024 October 12th, 2023
Summer 2024 February 8th, 2024
Fall 2024 & Academic Year 2025 March 20th, 2024
Application Requirements
450-550 words maximum (1/2-1 page single spaced).
This essay should illustrate that you have considered the impact this program will have on your career and life aspirations. In the essay you should discuss:
  • Why have you chosen to study abroad on this specific program?
  • What aspects of this program made this the right fit for you?
  • How will your study abroad program help you achieve your professional and academic goals? For example, are you taking any specialized courses? Are you completing an internship? Are you doing research? Are you studying a language? Please be specific.
Statement of Financial Need
300 words maximum.
Please clearly communicate your current financial needs. This is an opportunity to address any extenuating circumstances or other concerns which impact your financial situation. For example, do you work one or more jobs? Do you receive any additional grants, loans or scholarships? Are you financially independent/are you paying for this program on your own? Be specific.
Letter of Recommendation Please provide one letter of recommendation. We would prefer a letter from a professor or academic advisor, but we will accept one from a current or former supervisor. You should contact your recommender before completing the recommendation request form so that they know to expect an email from our system. It’s your responsibility to make sure they complete the form by the deadline.


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* Spring 2025 scholarship applications will open over Summer. All applicants with an open study abroad application will be notified when the application is live.