Finding the right program for you will depend on your personal, academic, and professional goals and preferences for studying abroad.  A few things to consider are location of the program, term and length of the program, courses offered, and cost.


Consider the countries you are interested in, the climate, cost of living and traveling to that country. Some programs offer scholarships and academic opportunities only for particular regions.

Term and Duration of the Program

You can study abroad after your first semester at UF during fall, spring, spring break, summer, or academic year. Programs vary by term and duration. Foreign universities term dates may vary from UF’s term dates. Consider which programs offer the most flexibility to take courses abroad for your degree.


You can earn credits towards your major, your minor, or general electives while studying abroad. Courses taken abroad must be pre-approved approved by your Academic Advisor.


Programs vary by cost. Plan ahead and budget for airfare, meals, and personal expenses that are not included in the cost of your program.  Apply for scholarships and contact Financial Aid to discuss using financial aid for Study Abroad.




You can also learn more about the the different types of programs: UF Sponsored Programs, UF Exchange Programs, Non-UF Programs, and Research, Intern, or Volunteer Abroad.