All students are required to pay a deposit or administrative charge when applying to their chosen study abroad program. This payment is required for your application to be considered complete. Many programs have a maximum enrollment and may accept those students who first complete their applications. The deposit/application charge is non-refundable if you cancel or withdraw your application. (If you are not accepted into the program, it will be refunded).

Deposits and administrative charges can be paid online within your study abroad application. For students who are unable to pay this online, you can make check or money order payable to UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA and bring or mail this to the International Center. Make sure your name, UFID, and the name and term of your program are written on the front of the payment. If mailing, please use the following address:

UF International Center
SAS Accounts Receivable
170 HUB 1765 Stadium Road (P.O. Box 113225)
Gainesville, FL 32611-3225

Please review the table below for specific deposit/administrative charge amounts.

  Program Type Payable with application
Deposit UF Sponsored Programs $425 $395 (beginning Summer 2024)
Vicenza Architecture Program $800
Administrative Charge UF Exchange Programs $425
Non-UF Programs $425
Non-UF Virtual Programs $200
UF Independent Studies and UF Independent Internship Programs $250
Other Charges Late Administrative Charge (After stated UFIC deadline) $50
Reinstatement Charge (Applicable if application was canceled and  reinstated)  $50

Notes: All deposits and administrative charges are non-refundable.

Program Fees

Final payment of program fees for all UF Sponsored and Exchange programs will be due no later than 45 days prior to the start date of the program. You will receive an invoice by email from the International Center for the program fee less the deposit paid.  The balance will be posted to your UF account and can be paid as follows:

  • Payment by e-check, credit/debit card can be made online in MyUFL: There is no processing fee for payments made by e-check(EFT) or bank transfer.  Your bank’s routing number and checking account number will be needed. Credit/debit card payments will be assessed a 2.75% processing fee.
  • For students who are unable to make the payment online, payment can be made by check or Money Order payable to University of Florida: Please include the following on the front of the check or money order:

Student Name & UFID
Name of Study Abroad Program
Term and Year of the program