Dr. Sharon Austin, Professor of Political Science, accompanied 13 students to Paris, France for the African Americans in Paris class. This class was first developed in 2007 by Dr. Stephanie Y. Evans, a former Associate Professor of Women's Studies and African American Studies at UF. Dr. Evans again offered the class in 2010 and Dr. Austin began offering it in 2014. Since 2014, she has accompanied students to Paris on nine separate occasions.

This interdisciplinary class counts toward the Political Science, International Studies, and African American Studies degrees and as an elective in every other major at UF. The students hear lectures, write papers, participate in discussions, watch documentaries, and tour numerous neighborhoods and historic sites in and around Paris. The main purpose of the course is to study the cultural, historical, political, and other experiences of people of African descent in Paris in the past and present. Many African Americans and people of African and Caribbean descent have emigrated to Paris for various reasons and established vibrant communities throughout the city.

The class will be offered every year during spring break
For more information, contact Dr. Sharon Austin at polssdw@ufl.edu.