Partner School Contact Procedures

Submitting Online Nominations

To initiate student exchanges, UFIC invites reciprocal partner school contacts to nominate their selected student(s) in our online application system. The application system requires login credentials to be assigned by ESS before submission is possible.

Step-by-step instructions can be found in the linked Nomination Guide.

A note on exchange balances: Prior to nomination, student placement numbers can be determined with ESS and the hosting UF college based on partnership agreement terms. UFIC endeavors to maintain a balanced number of inbound and outbound student placements

Nomination Submission - Required Information

Please note, nominations require partner school advisors/coordinators to include the following for each student individually. 

  • Partner institution name
  • Student biographical information (name, date of birth, gender)
  • Student contact information (student email address)
  • Student degree level/academic level
  • Student field of study
  • Verification of English Proficiency (detailed on fact sheet)

Select below to login and begin the nomination process.



Nomination Timeline

Once submitted, the nomination will automatically launch the incoming student application.

  • Nominators can expect automatic-email confirmation that they submitted a nomination on students behalf
  • Students will receive temporary log-in credentials to access the application with thorough instructions regarding application requirements.

ESS will review nominations on a rolling basis to ensure nominations were submitted appropriately. Nominators will be contacted with any discrepancies.

Nomination Deadlines
Fall semester April 1
Spring semester September 1
* Partner schools can expect nominations with any discrepancies to be confirmed within a week of a nomination submission.

Policy - Exchange Agreement Renewals: UFIC is able to initiate incoming exchange student applications where the current agreement is pending renewal. However, UFIC will not issue formal acceptances or immigration documents for students until a fully executed agreement is in place. This policy is in line with federal immigration regulations governing the Exchange Visitor Program (J1 Visa Program). The UFIC Executive Director facilitates the renewal process for exchange agreements with the Partner Institution and UF Academic Department/College. For information on the Agreement Renewal process, click here.

Policy - Issuing UF Transcripts: As of Summer 2022, the UF International Center no longer facilitates transcript requests on behalf of visiting students. All students are responsible for ordering a copy of their UF transcript at the close of their program. This is a quick and easy process that can be done online, and costs $10 USD. 

Students: Before ordering your transcripts online, please confirm with your home institution study abroad advisor whether they will accept a digital version of the transcript, or whether they need you to send the physical version to their office. 


Students will be responsible for ordering their own transcripts through the Registrar's website here

If you need to re-activate your Gatorlink account, you will have to contact the Computing Help Desk. If you need to clear any charges, please re-activate your Gatorlink account and check ONE.UF to see what charges you have due.