TERM Spring 2020 Summer A/C 2020 Summer B 2020 Fall 2020
Check-in Dec 7 - Jan 6 April 11 - May 11 May 30 - June 29 Aug 1 - Aug 31
Registration Jan 3 ($100 late fee after 5:00pm deadline) May 8 ($100 late fee after 5:00pm deadline) June 26 ($100 late fee after 5:00pm deadline) Aug 28 ($100 late fee after 5:00pm deadline)
Classes Begin Jan 6 May 11 June 29 Aug 31
Tuition & Fees Jan 17
No Later than 3:30pm
May 22
No Later than 3:30pm
July 10
No Later than 3:30pm
Sep 11
No Later than 3:30pm
New Graduate Student Orientation TBA TBA TBA August 13th-24th, 2020
International Student Orientation:
August 24 10:00-10:30 AM
Teaching Assistant Orientation TBA TBA TBA Mid August 2020
Undergraduate Orientation TBA TBA TBA TBA


All holds need to be cleared before the student can complete registration. For registration information log onto https://one.uf.edu/

Tuition & Fees

All University of Florida students are required to pay tuition. Enrollment may be cancelled if fees are not paid in a timely manner. No fee deferments are available. Partner School Exchange Students do not pay tuition but they are still required to pay any other non-tuition charges. To find out how to make any payments, click here.