Check-in for SEVIS Transfer-In students inside the United States who will begin in Summer A/C or B will be conducted remotely. Further guidance on how to complete the remote check-in will be sent via email to the applicable students.

Please read all the information provided through the end of this page before clicking on the link to start the online check in process!

Students may enter the U.S. up to 30 days before the program start date on their I-20. When you arrive at the University of Florida as an F1 student to start your academic program, the first thing must do is complete the TWO-STEP MANDATORY CHECK-IN PROCESS. You must complete the Online Check-In first, and then you may complete the In-Person Check-In process.

The link to do the Online Check-in process will be send to you by email. After you have completed the Online Check-In, you will then need to come to the University of Florida International Center (UFIC South) in the Hub to complete the In-Person Check-In.

  • Students with an Initial Attendance I-20 must complete both check-ins within 30 days of the program start date on their I-20.
  • Students with a Transfer Pending I-20 must complete both check-in’s within 15 days of the program start date on their I-20.

Check-In Step 1 - ONLINE: To return to your online check-in record, go to and click the LOGIN button. You will need to upload a copy or screenshot of your following documents:

  • UF I-20 (with your signature),
  • Passport,
  • F1 visa (or USCIS F1 visa status approval notice Form I-797 Notice of Action),
  • Most recent Port of Entry stamp in your passport (if available),
  • Most recent I-94 Arrival/Departure Record, and
  • Form I-901 SEVIS fee receipt

Complete all required questionnaires/steps, upload all required documents, and click on the SUBMIT APPLICATION button at the top of the page.

U.S. & Emergency Address Update:

All international students must report their United States local home physical address (no P.O. Boxes) to the University of Florida as it is required that we always have the correct home address for our students. If you have not arranged housing yet, please enter address where you will be staying tonight, then you can update within 10 days of your move in, at your one.UF account. The link the address update is in the online check in process.

Check-In Step 2 – IN-PERSON: After you have completed the Online Check-In, you must come to UFIC South in the HUB at 1765 Stadium Road for the MANDATORY In-Person Check-In. Please bring your passport, I-94 and hardcopy of UF I-20 with you. If you are a transfer-in student, please bring any previous I-20s with you.


International students will always see the "No Drop Activity - Add Allowed (Term Year) Restrict Dropping of Courses" hold on your account. This hold is specific to each semester and only takes effect after the drop-add deadline for that term and cannot be cleared. It is there to prevent you, as an international student, from falling out of status by going below the required number of credits; it does not affect adding classes.

Frequently, students have the immunization hold. To clear this hold, you will have to submit immunization documentation to the Health Compliance Office of the Student Health Care Center/Infirmary. If you have submitted your documentation, but this hold remains on your record, you will need to contact the Health Compliance Office, and follow their directions, to have it removed.

Every semester additional holds, such as the emergency contact hold, are placed on student accounts by other UF offices; these must be cleared before you can have access to your course registration.

Students must follow these instructions to clear any hold:

  • Go to > My account > Update my directory profile
  • Click on the heading “My Record” under My Online Services
  • Click on “Holds”
  • Follow the directions to clear the holds. Remember the No Drop Allowed hold cannot be cleared. You will find more information on our website if you need to drop a course.
  • Log out completely, close your browser, and then log back in to verify that the holds were successfully removed.

Additional Information re. Frequently Asked Questions

Mandatory Orientation: There will be a mandatory orientation for all international students usually held the Friday before classes start.  The UFIC will be closed for check-in during the orientation time. Orientation will provide information patient to your time here at UF. *More information regarding the time and date of orientation will be provided as UF gets closer to the semester start date*

Continued Attendance I-20: The Continued Attendance I-20 will be issued to you within 30 days after Drop/Add deadline. This I-20 is indication that you have checked in, completed your address updates, are registered full time, and indicates that your SEVIS record is active; it will not be issued until you have completed all of the above. Only students who have an assistantship or fellowship, on-campus job or who are a SEVIS transfer student may request the Continued Attendance I-20 prior to the 30 days. All other students must wait the 30 days processing time, including those who wish to apply for a Driver’s License or State ID. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP ALL I-20’S ISSUED TO YOU.

Health Insurance: You must purchase health insurance.  Please go our website for the plans that are eligible for F1 students and dependents. 

UFID/ Gator1 Card: Students can get their University of Florida Identification Card/UFID card/Gator1Card at the Welcome Center in front of the Bookstore in the Reitz Union. You will need to know your UFID number, show your passport, and pay $15.

GatorLink Email: Students need to set up their GatorLink e-mail account. The Computer Help Desk, in the HUB, next to UFIC South, provides assistance to students needing help with the account setup. Important communication from the university will be sent to the student's Gatorlink e-mail account ( They can also help with WiFi connection.

Assistantship/Fellowship: Students with an Assistantship/Fellowship will need to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) at the Social Security Administration Office. The application process will require the student's immigration documents (passport, visa, I-94 record, Continued Attendance I-20), the department offer letter, the UFIC SSN authorization letter, and Social Security application form. Additional information will be provided during check-in. The Continued Attendance I-20 and the UFIC letter will be provided together, approximately one week after you complete check-in.

Social Security Number: You are NOT eligible for a Social Security Number (SSN) unless you receive an assistantship, fellowship or on-campus employment.  To apply for the Social Security card, bring your appointment/employment offer letter from the department/prospective employer to the UF International Center; we will then provide you with a Social Security Letter and instructions regarding the SSN Application.  You must then visit the Social Security Administration Office in order to apply.

On-campus Employment (OPS): If you obtain on-campus employment after you complete check-in, return to the UFIC with your hard copy offer letter and UFID card.  We will put in the request for the Continued Attendance I-20 and the UFIC SSN authorization letter and provide you with additional information regarding applying for an SSN. Students who are maintaining status may work part-time on campus while classes are in session. "Part-time” means 20 hours or less per work week. The work week at UF is Friday through Thursday. Refer to this link-

UF Critical Dates & Deadline: Information regarding important UF critical dates and deadlines are available at:

Funding from Home Government: If you receive funding from your home government and need to have your tuition/fees billed to your home government, you MUST take a copy of the billing authorization to Sara Williams in the University Bursars Office, 113 Criser Hall, in order for this to be processed.

Credentials: If necessary, you may present your transcripts/graduation credentials to the Admissions office in 222 Criser Hall.

Visit Your Academic Department: Make sure to also go to your academic department to check-in with them, also. There may be pertinent information they need to share with you, such as a departmental orientation, before classes start.

Driver’s License or State ID: You are NOT able to apply for a Driver’s License or State ID, or complete the car buying process until you have been issued a Continued Attendance I-20. It will be provided to you AFTER we verify check-in, local home address updates and full time registration of ALL International Students. The verification process starts AFTER the Drop/Add deadline and may take up to 30 days. You will receive an email at your UF GatorLink account when the Continued Attendance I-20 is ready.

Transportation: Bus routes and schedules can be found at Please keep in mind the buses often do not follow normal schedules between semesters.

Computer Lab/Printing: If you need to print something, you can use any computer printing station on campus, such as in the Library and the Reitz Union, with your UFID card.  If you do not have your card yet, you may still be able to use the on-campus computer printing stations with your GatorLink email account.

Free SIM cards: UFIC usually has free SIM cards for your phone available for your use, with plans for international calling and texting, starting at $25 per month. Check the Information Table outside the front door for these cards, maps, and much other information to help with your time at UF.