The International Scholars Program (ISP) requires completing 4 fully or partially international courses. These courses can count toward any major, minor, or be taken as electives. The 4 courses can come from any combination of the following:
  • Gen Ed courses designated (N) as international.
  • Quest courses designated (N) as international.
  • ISP recommended courses.
  • Courses on an international topic (Fully International) .
  • Courses completed during a study abroad or international exchange.
  • Language courses at the 3000 level and above. (Language courses taken at the 1000 and 2000 level do not count toward the coursework requirement but do count for meeting the international experience/language study requirement.)
  • Courses with a significant international component (Partially International) .
    ISP defines these courses as either at least 30% of the course content addressing issues outside of the United States or 30% of the course grade is based on a project that is international in scope.
If you have any additional questions about ISP Coursework requirements, please visit our FAQ page.

Quest Courses All Quest courses designated (N) for international count toward the ISP international coursework requirement. Follow the link to learn more about Quest 1 and 2 courses available. (Please note that some Quest courses are also ISP recommended courses. See the ISP course catalog below.)

ISP Recommended Courses ISP recommended courses come from a variety of colleges and disciplines. Courses have been developed to include student learning outcomes that emphasize international competency and skills that develop global citizenship. Many of the courses in the ISP Course Catalog have been specifically designed for the International Scholars Program. Find internationalized opportunities in a specific major or explore new interests through these courses.

Harrison Hove
Spring, Fall
Roxane Coche & Eric Esterline
Dr. Roxane Coche
Media Production, Management, and Technology
Ingrid Kleespies
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Spring, Fall
Christine Richmond
Interdisciplinary Studies
Spring, Fall
AJ Jung
Center for Written & Oral Communication
Spring, Fall
Kathryn Dwyer Navajas & Antonio Sajid López
Spanish & Portuguese Studies
Spring, Fall
Quest 1
Antonio Sajid López
Spanish & Portuguese Studies
Dr. Jennifer Wooten
Antonio Sajid López Méndez
Spanish & Portuguese
Spring, Fall
Masanori Fujimoto
Soil and Water Sciences
Christine Overdevest, Ilblin Edelweiss Murillo Lafuente
Spring, Summer, Fall
Abhinav Alakshendra
Urban and Regional Planning
Vanessa Hull
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Maddy Coy
Women's Studies
Anita Anantharam
Women’s Studies
Summer, Fall
Anita Anatharam
Women's Studies
Spring, Fall
Jillian Hernandez
Women's Studies